Why Us


Our aim to reach young people and their families in Australia with the life saving JUST SAY NO message and equip them with ways to over come any challenge.


With 12 years experience with speaking in schools, mentoring young people and living what we speak, Tristan and I know the importance of delivering a responsible, real life, long lasting message, drug prevention message that is going to impact the students in a positive way. Our message DOES NOT glamourise the drug culture nor does it suggest that just because we have overcome drug addiction that everybody does. In fact, there are still long term consequences that still affect our lives today which we emphasise and using real stories, statistics of our friends and family who never broke addiction or prison are told.


We agree that you have to be careful with presenters at all times, especially when discussing sensitive issues like drugs and alcohol. But with years of experience and loads of repeat bookings, we know that our presentation is trusted and relied on by schools around Australia. We aim to complement and enhance the schools drug prevention and early intervention policies. And of course all our working with children cards are current too.


To date the Just Say No message has been presented to over 100,000 school students across Australia.

Jade Lewis & Friends Inc.

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Western Australia
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