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Just Say No is a 40–60-minute drug prevention presentation designed specifically for school students.

 Jade and her husband Tristan deliver a responsible and powerful drug and alcohol awareness and prevention presentation that educates youth about the real dangers and consequences of drug use and then equipping them with alternative ways to live a drug free, fulfilled, motivated life in a world full of temptations.

Teaching young people issues of Consent and Child Safety education in a 40-60 minute presentation.

“Sexual violence and issues of consent are justifiably under close scrutiny at the moment in Australia and around the world.” Jade delivers a factual and powerful consent presentation that educates youth about consent.

Parenting teenagers into a drug and alcohol problem free life.

This seminar, based on the book “Under YOUR Influence” conducted by the author Jade, talks parents through five key strategies for leading your kids through a drug and alcohol mind-field.