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“I have had the opportunity to meet with Ms Lewis and commend the exceptional work the Jade Lewis and Friends Foundation provides for women offenders in the Western Australian prison system.

Not only do the programs teach women essential life skills and personal development, they also empower women with confidence which leads to an improvement in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

I congratulate the Foundation in working with the Department of Corrective Services and contributing to making a positive difference in the lives of offenders, their families and the community.”

Terry Redman MLA Former Minister for Corrective Services

“Jade is a real champion in every sense of the word. Not only has she achieved distinction in the sporting arena but also in the manner she has overcome adversity in her life. Jade went on to champion the cause of troubled youth in Western Australia by exposing the real truth about drug use and addiction. Jade is a true hero in my eyes.”

Glen Jakovich, West Coast Eagles AFL Legend

“We have only heard positive comments from your Community Drug Prevention presentation. The students at Wylie school were spellbound throughout your presentation. Your message had a huge impact in our small community. Your practical approach, and the inclusion of the way that drugs can affect anyone, was very valuable. Thanks for sharing your time with us and I would recommend your presentation to other communities, Rotary Clubs and schools.”

Robyn Jones, Former President Wyalkatchem Rotary Club



“Thanks again for coming to our school and doing your presentation. The timing really was perfect and I think the message hit home hard to a lot of kids into experimenting and playing around. I found the thing I liked most about the presentation was the style. It was really powerful and did not give any glory to drugs and that lifestyle. Often presentations make drugs more inviting, but yours did not. It was brutally honest, with the way drugs escalate, and the shame on your family, and that being watched by police, caught and charged is what is going to happen, was really hard hitting.”

Andrew Vallance, Year Level Coordinator

“Golden Haze is an important story to be told for young people and parents. I encourage parents to read this if they have a prodical son or daughter. This is also an excellent book to put in the hands of any young person. It can serve as a warning to some that may be tempted by the drug scene, and it will give hope to anyone with a serious life-controlling problem.”

Don Wilkerson, Executive Director, Global Teen Challenge, Washington DC. USA

“Jade shared about her journey from darkness to light at our church and her testimony had a huge impact on the congregation. I would certainly recommend her as a speaker to churches, ladies’ groups and youth groups. She is a dynamic young woman with a bold and uncompromising message.”

Ps David Storer



“I have known Jade for some years now and not only is her personal journey proof that people can learn from their misfortunes, mistakes and truly change.

Jade’s work is invaluable to our society as many people can find themselves needing to start over and people like Jade show them how it is possible and just how wonderful a second chance can be.

None of us faultless and perfect and some have tougher paths to walk than others. We all need to consider these people and show respect and help them better their lives.

I congratulate Jade and her team for their integrity, commitment and for simply being in our community.”

Lisa Scaffidi Former Lord Mayor of Perth WA

“Jade’s honest and personal story will help teenagers and their families to avoid the pitfalls of the drug scene and its associated destructive lifestyle. Marjorie and I have watched Jade emerge from the stranglehold of drugs, to become a healthy, happy, intelligent young woman, completely free from her past lifestyle… Compelling reading.”

Malcolm Smith, Executive Director, Teen Challenge WA

“I have heard Jade speak on several occasions and have found the story of her life – from being trapped in an endless cycle of drugs and crime to becoming a vibrant young woman with a very positive message – both moving and inspirational.”

Stan Perron, Perron Group



“Jade’s inspirational story testifies to the exceptional work that Teen Challenge WA do in transforming the lives of young people who are struggling with substance abuse.”

Brian Houston, Hillsong Church

After being in prison in 2009 for drug offences I am grateful for my new beginning. Through a lot of support and new friendships I have rebuilt my life and more.

Today I am married, have my children back living with me and finished my Certificate 4 in Financial Service. I thank God for my Second Chance.

De-Anne Former prisoner

“Golden Haze, Jade’s story provides a powerful and sobering antidote to the “cool” image of recreational drug use for too many of our high school students. The story stands alone and will have far more impact on young people than any number of drug education classes. Best of all however is that this is a story of hope: that Jade’s life did not end up as just another statistic but she is now achieving some of those goals she had set herself as a younger person. This story is in every sense of the word, a miracle.”

Ellen Barns, High School Teacher