"Just Say No"

Just Say No is a 40-60 minute school drug prevention program which educates and equips students how to say no to drugs.

"Enough is Enough"

Enough is Enough is a 40-60 minute school consent education which educates and equips students on how to keep each other safe and the changing laws on consent.

"Under YOUR Influence"

Under YOUR Influence is a 60 minute presentation educating parents on raising drug and alcohol problem free teenagers.

Distributing over 30,000 copies collectively

In both books, Jade captures her audience through her personal story and real life experience.  You will be inspired, taught and provoked in the area of drug prevention and intervention strategies.  These are a must have duo, one book complimenting the other.  Golden Haze is suitable for everyone, from ages 11 years of age.  Under YOUR Influence is suitable for parents, educators, youth leaders and those involved in recovery.

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