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Just Say No is a 40–60-minute vaping education presentation designed specifically for school students.

Jade Lewis is a dynamic and experienced speaker delivering an engaging presentation on vaping shedding light on the facts, risks and consequences.  The emphsis on prevention equips young people with the essential tools to resist peer pressure and how to ask for help.  The presentation covers exit strategies and provides guidance to those who may be using vapes.  

Program Objectives

Our Vaping Education presentation is designed on three factors. Educate, Equip and Follow Up. It delivers against the following objectives.

  • Understanding the what vaping is through up-to-date information
  • Learning the science, motivation and marketing behind vaping
  • Knowing the real dangers and consequences of vaping
  • Motivating the students to make positive choices especially in the face of peer pressure
  • Presenting the students with truthful and honest facts about vaping
  • Equip the students with practical ways to Just Say NO to Vaping 
  • Developing critical thinking skills to question the marketing strategies behind vaping
  • Enhaving the students ability to make informed chioice
  • Empowers students with the confidence to say NO to vaping and avoid peer pressure
  • 4 follow up lessons are provided for use after our visit for later class discussion.  These lessons are about 5-10minutes in length and designed for the form teachers to deliver.
  • A complimentary copy of Jade’s Book, Golden Haze, will be given so the students can access from library after visit.

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Our aim to reach every young people and their families in Australia with a JUST SAY NO message, and equipping them with the truth along with ways to avoid peer pressure. 

With 23 years’ experience with speaking in schools, mentoring young people and living what we speak, Tristan and Jade know the importance of delivering a responsible, real life, long lasting message, prevention messages that is going to impact the students in a positive way. Our message DOES NOT glamourise the drug, alcohol, vaping culture. 

We agree that you have to be careful with presenters at all times, especially when discussing sensitive issues like drugs, alcohol, vaping, consent and teenager parties. But with two decades of experience and loads of repeat bookings, we know that our presentation is trusted and relied on by schools around Australia. We aim to complement and enhance the schools drug prevention and early intervention policies. And we are Working With Children and Natioanlly Police Cleared.

To date the Just Say No message has been presented to over 200,000 school students across Australia.

Jade or Tristan, both trained and experienced presenters will visit your school. During the presentation, a PowerPoint presentation and visual aids are used. There will be time allocated at the end of the presentation for questions and answers. A copy of Golden Haze and Under the Influence will be given to put into the school library.

This program is aimed for young people between the ages of 10-18. We do have a presentation specially formatted for parents, carers, teachers and youth workers called “Understanding Your Teenager”.

Tristan and Jade visit country areas on request. Please fill in the booking form to register your interest.

Please contact Jade at contact@jadelewis.com as cost depends on location, numbers of students/classes and time involved.

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