Program Objective


The Just Say No program is designed on three factors and delivers against the following objectives;



  • Understanding the drug and alcohol culture
  • Learning the 3 stages of addictions and being aware of how quickly the stages progress
  • Knowing the real dangers and consequences of drug/alcohol use
  • Motivating the students to make positive choices especially in the face of peer pressure



  • Presenting the students with truthful and honest facts about drugs and alcohol
  • Equip the students with practical ways to Just Say NO to drugs. (Brochure provided)
  • A personal self-analysis for each student to determine if they are at risk


Follow Up

  • Follow up lessons are provided for use after our visit for later class discussion if required. Teachers resource included.
  • A complimentary copy of Jade's Book, Golden Haze, will be given so the students can access from library after visit

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