"Under Your Influence" Seminar


Parenting teenagers into a drug and alcohol problem free life.


This seminar, based on the book "Under YOUR Influence" conducted by the author Jade, talks parents through five key strategies for leading your kids through a drug and alcohol mind-field.e


The seminar conducted by Jade, talks through 5 key strategies; 

  1. Connect: Creating a good parent-teenager relationship.
  2. Prevent: Talking with teenagers about drugs and alcohol.
  3. Intervene: What if my teenager is using drugs and alcohol?
  4. Treat: What if my teenager keeps using drugs?
  5. Transition: Staying clean after treatment.


The seminar addresses topics such as;

  • Understanding teenagers
  • Being a positive role model
  • Opening lines of communication
  • How to communicate your concerns
  • Teaching teenagers they have the right to say NO
  • Why do teenagers use drugs
  • High school parties
  • Teaching teenagers responsibility
  • When and where to get help
  • Types of treatment available
  • Family roles
  • The post treatment journey

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