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Jade's latest book, "Under YOUR Influence", explores ways of how to create a good parent-teenager relationship, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and staying clean after treatment.

Today's teenagers face many intense challenges and changes in their lives. These years are often a time of discovery and experimentation which can sometimes include drug and alcohol use and other risky behaviours. Although raising and relating with teenagers can be difficult and somewhat trying, the truth is that teenagers want and need your help and guidance. They expect you to play a key role in their lives. You don't need to be an expert to help a teenager choose to say NO to drugs and alcohol. Just be informed, upfront, honest and know how to find the information you need. 


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"Under YOUR Influence" is a timely and valuable contribution to the literature on prevention of drug use by providing sound advice for parents of teenagers. In this case it is inspired by the author's own experience. It is therefore heartfelt and meaningful and provides insights into the mind of the teenager that most parents will find enlightening. More importantly it will allow them to approach their children with love, patience and respect for their individuality when trying to deal with a situation that often inspires fear and anger. It is the right book at a time when children are often confused by some of the ambiguous measages they often get from those who should know better". 


Ross Colquhoun

B Sc Hons (Psych), M App Sc (Neuroscience),

Grad Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy

Clinical Director, Addiction Treatment and Psychology Services



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