"Thanks again for coming to our school and doing your presentation. The timing really was perfect and I think the message hit home hard to a lot of kids into experimenting and playing around. I found the thing I liked most about the presentation was the style. It was really powerful and did not give any glory to drugs and that lifestyle. Often presentations make drugs more inviting, but yours did not. It was brutally honest, with the way drugs escalate, and the shame on your family, and that being watched by police, caught and charged is what is going to happen, was really hard hitting."


Andrew Vallance, Year Level Coordinator

"I have found Jade and Tristan's sessions informative, challenging and interesting. I personally have been amazed by how far-reaching the consequences of their choices and actions have been. Teachers have indicated that the students have reflected upon Jade and Tristan's sessions. One student exclaimed "Why aren't the rest of year ten here, miss?" This goes to show how much high school students need to hear Jade and Tristan's story." 


FMP Co-Ordinator

"Just a short line to say 'Thank You'. All feedback from those parents that attended was fabulous. Your presentation was very informative and successfully complimented our Drug Education awareness goals. Thank you once again."


Primary School Teacher

"We have only heard positive comments from your Community Drug Prevention presentation. The students at Wylie school were spellbound throughout your presentation. Your message had a huge impact in our small community. Your practical approach, and the inclusion of the way that drugs can affect anyone, was very valuable. Thanks for sharing your time with us and I would recommend your presentation to other communities, Rotary Clubs and schools."


Robyn Jones, President Wyalkatchem Rotary Club

"I am a 11 year old girl at Kulin District High School and have just finish reading your book (Golden Haze.) The reason why I read your book is because when you came to my school I really admired your story and the strength it took you to do something different to your life. To read a book like that gives you more of a reason to say no to drugs. My Mum and Dad have given me speeches to be scared of drugs. I know drugs are bad and that the world of drug life isn't very nice. For you to write a book like that was very touching, and mum has told all her friends to read your book because they pretty much all have teenagers. I am sure your mum and dad are prouder then any other person. I hope you go on with what you are doing because you have truly touched me and a lot of others. I admire you so much you and your family are my biggest idol. I went to school today to return your book, and saw that in the school Library your Golden Haze books have all been taken. Mum and dad were always asking about what had just happened. I have an older brother that is 17 years old and is in highschool. As soon as I had finished reading your book he had his nose in it for probably 1 hour and a bit and finished reading it. I think a message went through."


Student at Kulin District High School

"Upon recommendation you (Jade Lewis) were recently invited to address the student assembly on the realities of drug use and their harmful effect, we were not disappointed. What you shared was not classroom theory but the cold harsh reality of the drug scene. You are a great story teller, very motivational, relevant and were well received by high school students, who are often dismissive and cynical."


WA High School Chaplain

"I believe that it was the most responsible testimony relating to drug addiction I have ever heard. Usually I hear people telling their stories and it almost sounds like they are revelling in their past life. I have heard some talk and have also felt like going out and busting myself. Your story is one of victory and there is a real sense of urgency for all to understand the depravity of addiction."


WA High School Principal

"More than being amazed at how our year 10 girls so attentively listened and interacted through your presentation; I was more surprised that they asked to stay in for their lunch break to watch your story on DVD. That never happens!"


WA High school Year Co-Ordinator

"Today you came to my school and gave us the talk about your history of drug taking and how you got where you are now. I would just like to say as a fifteen year old girl I found your talk very interesting and informative and reserved your book at the school library already so I can read it. This has been the best information so far that I have learnt about drugs because we only learn what happens we dont get realistic information like getting a person like you to come in until today. "


WA Year 10 Student

"Jade and Tristan came to our school and we learnt from their life experiences about the dangers of drugs. It was very interesting and we think the ideas about 'How to Say No' will be very helpful in the future."


Year 5-7 Primary School Students

"Hi I am going through a really hard time and I got suspended. My principal got me to read your book which I read in one day, I also managed to do a book review on it. It really inspired me, because i went through a rough patch with drugs too. Can you visit my school because I know that some of my friends are taking some really bad drugs."


Year 8 High School Student

"I was one of the year 8s you talked to the other day. When I first heard that you were coming to my school I couldn't wait to met you. Your talk has warned me and has showed me what drugs can do to me. I will never ever try them. Your talk has helped me very much!"


Year 8 Student

"I am like any other 14 year old teenage girl with many things troubling me - about my physical appearance, future and family. Some days I don't even want to get up in the morning and face the world. When you came to our school and opened up to us, I cried along with many other fellow classmates; I felt like I had known you all my life. You have given me new hope and motivation."


Year 9 Student

"You have a powerful presence and carry a very important message, one which all young people need to hear. The way you present yourself can only have a very positive effect on the lives of our youth. You're an amazing woman Jade."


Year 9 Teacher

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